Friday, January 1, 2010

The Resolution

It’s a new year and we decided to do that “resolution” thing that everyone tries to do but normally fails by mid-January. We are smart educated people, so we need to think about this carefully. What can we really commit to for the entire year? More importantly, what will we succeed at? It has to be fun, but helpful. It has to be something we are passionate about and something that is close to our hearts. And definitely something that we’ve never done before. It has to benefit us and benefit our fellow man.

Let us give you a little background on ourselves before we reveal our resolution.

We are a forty-something “DINK but with Dog” couple who are new to Idyllwild – well kinda. We bought our little dream cabin just about a year ago after trekking to Idyllwild’s camping spots for more than 10 years. We fell in love with the area and decided to take the plunge as “vacation homeowners.” We are both professional Graphic Artists during the day and culinary fanatics at night and on weekends. When we aren’t designing logos and print ads, creating sets and collateral pieces for television or developing product packaging, we are watching our beloved Food Network, experimenting with recipes and unusual ingredients or experiencing a great meal around California and beyond. We’ve had fondue in Switzerland, eaten the freshest fish tacos in Maui and devoured the finest tiramisu at Le Cirque in Vegas. And we’ve relished every moment. We have deemed ourselves “lovers of food” to a ridiculous degree. And we’ve decided that nearly every aspect of our life revolves around food...and that’s the way we like it. From the first palate-awakening taste of our morning joe to that final little cold bite of leftover meatloaf straight from the fridge right before we shuffle off to bed – we live, love and breathe great-tasting morsels of goodness.

So now, because we’ve made the commitment to own a vacation home – our little dream cabin in the big Idyllwild woods – we need, NO! WE WANT to experience the culinary brilliance of Idyllwild. Yes, we’ll still travel abroad to Greece some day or take that California coastal trip that we always threaten to take but never do. But we’ve realized that most of our vacation time and weekend getaways will be right Idyllwild!

So what “resolution” will we be committing ourselves to for an entire year (or so)? Well, we’ve already deemed ourselves the “lovers of food”, so why not go a little further. Yeah, this is our resolution!

We now deem ourselves, Idyllwild’s Best Food Commentators. Yes, our dream job is now a reality! We will humbly commit ourselves to serving you, the Idy-public and beyond, by visiting ANY and ALL food places in Idyllwild. Restaurants, delis, coffee houses, candy shops, events –Whatever it takes. We'll simply tell you about our best foodie experiences "on the hill" – and we'll even throw in our own homemade food experiences along the way. It sounds like a win-win for everyone, don't you think?

To make it doubly official, we will be anonymous. We will be known as R & G. How mysterious! There will be no sucking up to us in any way. No, we want raw everyday attitudes and service from these food places. No free food or drinks (wait, should we rethink this?). NO! We are doing this for the good of all man! Ok, we’re getting outta hand here. Focus. We are committed and ready to serve...or rather, be served.

Welcome to Eating IdyllwildTM

Now Eat!

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  1. Sounds like a great resolution! How refreshing to hear that you have embraced your new community and are willing to do something for the greater good. Can't wait to read upcoming entries.