Friday, August 13, 2010

Just Idyll :|

So yes, our last blog post was in January. And yes, we seemed very 'gung ho' about doing this anonymous food critic thing. And yes, we were. We are foodies and we love food. We will always love food, no matter what.

We were totally excited about the possibility of linking our blog to the local online Idyllwild newspaper, the Town Crier. We sent in our request to be considered...and.....drumroll....uh, nothing. No really, nothing! Not a 'thanks for applying' or 'we regret to inform you'...NOTHING! Thanks Town Crier. Thanks for NOTHING!

But, whatever...this glitch really is not the reason why we've been slacking. Like the rest of the world, time and priorities just get the best of us. House projects, work and other miscellaneous events get in the way. Those annoying hours between 10pm and 5am for sleep really cut into our productivity. Go figure! And, on top of all these excuses, we quite frankly haven't had any more quality Idyllwild restaurant experiences since January.

Yes, we've gone to a handful more of restaurants in the area. And no, nothing horribly bad went wrong. But blahhh..nothing to write home, or at least blog about.

We've realized a few things in the past months. One, we are huge food snobs. Going to a fast food joint or the local chain restaurant doesn't interest us at all. Yeah, having an occassional Double Double from In-n-Out, a freshly made Gyro from Chino Burger or devouring a hot curry sensation from Marsala Bowl is delightful. But beyond that, we just assume make something at home. We are master cooks and we can whip a gourmet meal up faster than Rachael Ray can say "30 minute meals." We can make that dish in 20 minutes, Rach! (For those that are too young to know, that was a play on words from the old game show, Name That Tune). A perfect example just happened. G just made the finest of meals tonight. Beautifully flame-grilled ribeye steaks with sage butter and grilled potato, onion and pepper trio. Perfecto! But we digress.

Two, we realize if we want to continue with this blog we need to expand our horizons beyond Idyllwild. We find ourselves raving about that yummy sushi roll we had at our local Chino dive, Genki Sushi, or the always fabulous Sweet Potato Stack of heaven from our delicious local fav, Honolulu Harry's. Why not share the love! Yeah!

Oh and three, maybe we'll share some info, rants and views on other topics not related to food. Sometimes we feel we need a way to let out some personal views and life experiences without posting it all over Facebook. This blog seems like a safer place to do that. Why not!

So, from this day forward...welcome to Eating Idyllwild and beyond!

Now, go eat or something.