Saturday, January 9, 2010

Popcorn Blues

I plopped down on the couch to watch some boob tube before shuffling off to bed. Not 30 seconds passed when I thought, "I'm hungry." What can I snack on? Should it be the half-eaten Christmas cookie tin? The yummy, rich truffle assortment from Trader Joe's? No, I want something crunchy. Rummaging through the kitchen cupboards like a ravenous wolf, not one kind of potato chip, tortilla chip, cracker or dry cereal could be found. Disappointed and nearly defeated, I reluctantly reached for the dreaded popcorn snack staring at me the whole time like the Geico googly-eyes. Was it even worth it? I really, really, really dislike popcorn. To me it always seemed a waste of a cute-sounding name for such a tasteless food product. And furthermore, how can its original kissing cousin, the cob-of-corn so sweet and succulent, be so extremely yummy and delicious!

I guess I was hungrier than I thought because I did ultimately reach for the popcorn snack. Grumbling all the way to the couch, I opened the Holiday 2-Pack of Moose Munch. I bought it for that just-in-case Christmas gift. But the just-in-case person never showed. One pack dark chocolate and the other milk chocolate. Hmmm... chocolate. That was a smart move on their part. My philosophy has and always will be, "Everything's better with chocolate and/or bacon!" I chose the dark chocolate one.

I ripped open the pouch and reached in. The first bit was a piece of just the caramel coated popcorn. Not bad. The piece was very fluffy, not stale and the caramel coating was pleasant and not sticky. I dug in again. Next was a dark chocolate coated cluster of about 3 popcorn pieces. I shoved it into my mouth. Mmmmm, this bite was quite good. Now I needed to inspect the 20 ounce bag and see what I needed to do to get the best bite possible. I spotted the nuts. To my delight not just one kind of nut was in the bag, but two. Almonds and cashews. And on top of that, they were jumbo sized and liberally coated with the caramel coating. Ok, the next bite will contain one of each component in the bag. So I dug for an almond, a cashew, a chocolate cluster and a caramel coated popcorn. I shoveled it in and started vigorously chewing.

Oh yeah! That's the combination man! Bravo to Harry and David for making the not-so-exciting popcorn sing in my mouth! Next year the Moose Munch will still make it into our Costco cart for that emergency Christmas gift. And we'll buy an extra one or two for us.

So, here I go. I'm sorry popcorn. Well, to an extent. I still don't like to be alone with you, but when you're in a group with chocolate, caramel and those crazy nut friends, you come alive and you're fun to be around!

Hey, Harry and David. Have you ever thought of selling your delightful popcorn Moose Munch snack at the movies? EI