Sunday, December 12, 2010


This morning we took our usual Sunday walk around town. While passing ARF we saw that the new bakery Honey Buns & Joe had finally opened. Already eaten breakfast an hour earlier, we decided to 'maybe' get a sticky bun to go after our walk. Fast forward about an hour, we couldn't resist the thought of a tasty treat. I stayed outside with Morgan and G went inside. He emerged with a piping hot sticky bun and homemade doggy biscuit for Mo. We jammed home to devour the sweet treat. Very, very good. Not so sickening sweet that you feel guilt two bites in. The dough texture was delightful and fluffy. The glaze, just enough. Mo ate his bone, we guess. I just found a few crumbs in his bed.

We are very excited about having freshly made baked goods on the hill! Yay for Honey Buns & Joe. We'll have to come in for some Joe next!